Membership 2018

Evening folks,

Membership is due.

I know some of you are forgetful and wit will have slipped your minds, but I WILL be changing the gate code on the 31st March (i.e. this weekend).

All of those members who have already renewed will have received or should be receiving imminently your new card and the gate code.


PS Please remember to send an SAE in with your signed form and payment.



Mark Lowndes

TCC Membership Secretary


Few of us straightened the gate yesterday. There is a mod to be done to the gate but the old lock is still on and will remain (along with old code) until the mod is done and the new lock and code will be fitted.

Happy paddling and see you on the river.


Site – Gate

The site gate has been damaged by a car. The gate is not in good working order but secure but we would prefer until it’s been repaired that people park elsewhere as we can’t guarantee the gate will shut if you manage to open it and the site needs to remain secure.