Membership Dues (Renewal)


Membership renewal fees are due. Please send the signed form to address on the form, we still need the signed for even if your details remain unchanged.

Mark and I will be down tomorrow morning (Sunday 30th Jan) from 10am through until 12:30 if you want to pay membership dues. If you cant print a form then we should have some hardcopies.

Gate code will be changed tomorrow.

To a new year of paddling, Go paddle.

Jackfield looks a decent level.


Site News

Heads up.

Over this weekend there will be a Selection River race on site.

Boats will be coming in from the rowing club and finishing at jackfield today and tomorrow from the top of the rapids to below the rapids.

Remember to give way to the boats coming downriver and the river racers dont turn too quickly..

Site maybe busy but race tends to be over pretty quickly.

As usual keep site locked up to avoid members of public getting locked on site.

Boxing Day

Hi folks with regards to the boxing day paddle, the club will not be running one this year due to covid restrictions.

You are still free to exercise, keeping to the rule of 6 while we are still in tier 2.

See the latest BCU guidelines below.

COVID 19 Update: Paddling guidance in England from 2 December

2 December 2020
Following the government’s announcement that all areas of England will return to a tiered system of coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions, British Canoeing has revised its paddling guidance for England, which will come into force from 2 December 2020.

The guidance issued is aligned with the government’s Covid-19 winter plan and the return to the three tier system in England.
The Covid-19 winter plan includes:

# The resumption of organised/structured outdoor exercise and sports, including the reopening of clubs and centres

# *The rule of 6 will once again apply to meeting outdoors – for recreational paddling with friends and family.*

Social Distancing – Work Party

How do.

Dont be scared off by the word work eh.


Club site at 9:30am Sunday 28th June for a couple of hours and a paddle after for those who wish.

Work party to sort out steps and foliage around top car park.

So bring:

Wheel barrows
Garden loppers/pruning tools.

Site Open

Happy Friday.

Please note the heavy machinery is finished works and site is open.

The beach egress is via ramp down the “beach” as the top part of the eddy has had to be rebuilt after a couple maybe 3 years plus of erosion which left a >6ft drop where the beach access used to be. This works has been done to protect the trees that shield the beach area from the full force of the flow.

Steps will be added in a few weeks.

Please continue to adhere to social distancing.


Paddling and Current Situation.

Hi Folks,
with the easing of the lockdown and the ability to be able to paddle please please remember as per the guidance from the government and the BCU please heed the social distancing guidelines.

Paddling can take place alone, or with others from the same household, or with no more than one other person from outside of the household. Paddlers must practice social distancing at all times and maintain a distance apart of at least 2 metres. People from different households should not travel in the same car. Paddlers should aim to avoid busy areas and take great care to maintain social distancing at access and egress points.
Safety and paddling well within capabilities; Only competent and experienced paddlers should be on the water independently. Paddlers are reminded that they are entirely responsible for their own safety at all times and that currently the resources of the waterways authorities and the emergency services are very limited. Paddlers should take care to make responsible decisions, paddle in familiar locations, and favourable conditions.

Yesterday afternoon according to one of the locals there were about 20 paddlers on the water. These were not all Club members, some will have paddled down to or up to the site. But in the eyes of passers by canoeists did not appear to be social distancing so please take care  as we don’t want any unnecessary bad publicity….saying that enjoy your time on or in the water that you have in the coming weeks…..

New Year. Dues. Pool

To a new year of paddling.

Membership fees are due. Please send the signed form to address on the form, we still need the signed for even if your details remain unchanged. Alternately bring to the pool, if you bring your form to a pool session ensure the payment and form are in an envelope so the monies don’t get mixed up with the pool fees.


Next batch of pool sessions dates being sorted.

See you at the pool. See you on the river at some point.

Remember talking about paddling isn’t paddling, only paddling is paddling. Dont wait for others for permission or to organise! Go paddle.


13th June – Cressage to Ironbridge – Sure to finish with running the rapids for those that enjoy that sort of thing!

Shropshire Wildlife Trust’s ‘Love Your magnificent Severn 2018’ tour – the big litter grab.

We will be linking to the marine plastics campaign and will be litter picking from canoe – we are also inspiring Shropshire Wildlife Trust branches to do their own litter pick on a stretch of water near to them. We have teamed up with Marine Conservation Society and will be recording what we collect to feed into their data sets. This will help us understand what plastic comes from where in the marine environment – the best evidence suggests that 80% of marine waste enters via rivers.

We will also be reusing plastic bottles to make a completely recycled canoe, just like this! Telford Canoe Club Members would be very welcome to join us on the tour, get in touch with Luke Neal River Projects Officer, 01743 284 275;

Club Members would be very welcome to join us on the tour, get in touch with Luke Neal River Projects Officer, 01743 284 275;

Slalom Come and Try It 23rd June

Slalom come and try it.

On the weekend of Jun 23/Jun 24, on the Saturday evening any members/local paddlers who wish to pop along and use the course and try their hand are more than welcome. Time to pop down will be published closer to the time when we know the last run of the day.

The course is usually prepared for the Sunday (different course Saturday and Sunday) by 5pm and free practice after that.
Simple sport to improve river running and boat skills.
Simple but not easy.