Sat Paddle/Membership

River may rise with the rain (looks out of window) but provisionally a Saturday morning paddle may be in the offing  this week 11am at Jackfield.

If you haven’t already renewed your membership bring along this Saturday (in an envelope with payment and a S.A.E), gate code will be changing soon.

River Gauges

The environment agency website where river level data has in the past been available is no longer available and the data can now be seen on the website, the same data is available on the website and you can also follow that and other rivers on twitter for a more convenient experience.


The gauge has been updated in the sidebar.



River Severn Level @ Buildwas

Click on the above image to hurtle through the internets to to find out the river level at Buildwas. Then you can find out your favourite river level. I wont get out of bed for anything above 0.53mt.

The river level link is in the right hand side bar along with a bbc weather link for Ironbridge, both represented by a river level chart and weather symbol respectively.

That is all