Slalom Day June 7th

On Sunday 7th of June, Staffs and Stone will set up some gates at Jackfield Rapids.

TCC members are welcome to attend, there is a small charge which the funds go to both clubs to cover costs of baler twine etc

The courses will be starting to be set up from 9am and will run through until the afternoon.

Happy Paddling

(If you are planning on a general paddle down on the rapids that weekend then Saturday maybe a better option)

Slalom July 12/13

The site will be closed for general paddling on the weekend of the 12/13th of July due to the hosting of a division 2/3 event.

All help will be gratefully received, and for those who wish to paddle slalom remember its volunteers who keep the sport going and other clubs run the events you enter so its only good form to give something back and run an event for others to attend. Also for those non slalom paddlers please note the slalom is fundraiser for the club.

Its hard work but enjoyable and it would be nice to see some new faces.

There will be:

  • Site maintenance the week before (grass cutting)
  • Friday the course will be put up and the control tents erected
  • Saturday and sunday there will be judging/course maintenance/timing to be undertaken
  • Sunday afternoon there will be some tidying up to be done.

We would ask members to come and lend a hand and not just come down and paddle, the club was founded on slalom and the site was obtained as such. Even if you have no experience its all simple stuff.

See you there, its only one weekend a year!


Slalom Day 29th June

On sunday 29th of June, Staffs and Stone amongst others will set up some gates at Jackfield Rapids.

TCC members are free to use the gates and also get some practice ready for the slalom in July.

Those non members from other clubs who use the site recreationally would be asked not to park at the Jackfield site tomorrow.



Site Closed



Due to lock damage the site has had to be locked up temporarily with a key lock. The gate requires a specific size of lock which I have had to order this morning.


Hopefully the new lock will be in place during the coming week, along with the new gate code which we will send out to members.


In the meantime as the gate will not be in use use the gate area and the car park upstream of the site until we have the new combination lock.




Practice the basics (you are not a unique snowflake)

You are not like the snowflake.

You are not like the snowflake.

Its all basics, all of it be you recreational or elite. Whats the difference? Practice and attention.

Every paddler needs the same skills most of the time. To quote fight club you are not special, you are the same as every paddler.

So practice the basics in as many ways as you can. Same strokes different places.

That said a single rapid can prepare you for most things given a good mind. Sure there are things that cannot easily be practiced be it faster water, heavier water (more cubic metres aka pushier) and large drops, that said what you deal with these new things with will be the same strokes as used on a smaller familiar rapid. This smaller familiar rapid by its very nature of familiarity will allow you to relax and experiment. Then when you try harder/new rivers you can concentrate on the new features and not on the techniques themselves.

Practice the repertoire of your blade angles, balance, speed, direction of boat travel and play games and test oneself.


The article by the coach Dan John explains this in terms of physical training:


Please be aware that there is a post of some sort wedged into the riverbed/rocks at Jackfield rapids. The post is pointing downstream on the river right (black swan side) just above the right hand eddy. The river is currently dropping and it should be easier to remove it at lower levels.