Summer paddling 2016

How do.

Although an inclement summer put paid to the June slalom what with it rising a couple of metres over the normal summer level.

That said the Evans boys have been racing, so has one of the Lowndes Bros.

There has been some travel, a group went out to Slovenia and it was sunny weather and cold water and one particularly big day (Don’t ask them about Big Wednesday, just don’t ok). Austria was also visited and paddled in, the Evans family made a paddling visit to Scotland also.

A group had a nice paddle down the Lower Tryweryn a couple of Sundays ago, a nice run at 10 cumecs which make it a nicer less bony run.

Make the most of the sunny weather than remains with the weak autumn sun and then when it rains wear suitable paddling kit and enjoy the rain when it ends up in the rivers.

See you on the river or in the pool