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The movie ‘Rivering’ is a crowd funded movie showing all aspects of the sport and not just the red bull “adrenalin” type of video. If you love paddling full stop whether it be a float or something a touch more lively this film maybe of interest to you.

A quote of William Wordsworths seems apt, well a paraphrasing of one of his quotes “To begin, begin”, in as far as paddling goes and to improve and enjoys ones time on the blue and green planet of ours:

Simply put: “To paddle, paddle”

Although crowd funded this film is free to view, watch and pass around the link.

Happy viewing and see you on the river……



Rivering – Film Link


“RIVERING is an ode to the whitewater obsession.

Filmed on the wild rivers of New Zealand, RIVERING is a very different kind of sports movie. 

From the director:
Kayaking for me is a dose of sanity. In a world ever more risk averse and bubblewrapped, kayaking (and the wilderness in general) are where I find an escape. This is where I rely on my common sense, my ability to analyse risk and the skills of my fellow paddlers.

You don’t need to be an expert paddler to experience this, nor do you need any special talent. But like learning a musical instrument, kayaking rewards those who put in the effort. I learned to kayak at 34. I will never win a competition, and there are rivers I will never have the ability to paddle.

But none of that matters. I love it just the same.

Kayaking has taken me places no one else can go. It gets under your skin in a way no other sport I know does. It is an obsession.

So, when Glenn Murdoch (the exec producer) and I started talking about this project, we were not interested in an extreme sports film. We wanted to make a film that was about the rest of us: oldsters, youngsters, weekend warriors, beginners, perpetual intermediates. We wanted to showcase the sport we love, the people we paddle with and the wild rivers that we call home.

RIVERING is a film about passion for the outdoors that will resonate far beyond the paddling community.”

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Music by:

Brant Miller

Enter the Haggis

Matthew Marshall

Richard Charlton

Kimiko Ishizaka


Geoffrey Brown

Thomas Coffey


Josef Orlowski

Impulse Ensemble

Jim Matus and Doug Raneri

Anthony Ferner

The Whiskey River Band