Trees and spate – thoughts

When rivers are in spate several things can happen, just be mindful.

  • Debris and trees come down river, not just other boaters.
  • Bridges can be harder to navigate due to amount of water under arches.
  • As rivers spread onto banks and trees can end up under water, beware of the trees even on seemingly straight and flat sections of river.
  • Eddies you rely on may not be there any more, rapids may be bigger and may not be there.
  • With wide rivers and faster flow, getting across the river can be harder, fatigue can be issue so rest when you can as there maybe less eddies.
  • Rivers that are normally trickles can become runnable in high water, take care there are no fences bisecting the river!

That said:

  • Water and lots of it can be great fun. Be safe whatever you get up to.


Tomorrow a post on more resources.