Work Party – Slalom

The club are hosting and running a nationally ranked division 2 slalom on the weekend of the 4th and 5th of July. The course and site are setup on the Friday and the event runs through till about 4 or 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday. The site won’t be open for general paddling over these three days. A note to members, slalom may not be your interest but the slalom brings in a far greater amount of money than memberships do, so the work of a small number of volunteers subsidises your/our club. So don’t come down just to watch, get involved! Those members volunteering over the weekend please try and car share as parking is tight.

Work Party.

On Sunday 28th June we will have a work party to cut grass and tidy up the site ready for the event, bring gardening tools and spades. From about 10am onwards.