River/site news.

  • The road that runs along the club site has signs saying shut and barricades but you should be able to get to site still from end or other work depending.
  • Paddling sessions, there are paddlers down Wednesday evenings/Saturday mornings for those who are not beginners and have own kit. People maybe paddling on other occasions but that is for paddlers to arrange amongst themselves. Beginners (those who attended pool sessions) email the club email (see banner) and can arrange Saturday morning paddle.
  • The lock/gate (again), the gate has been driven into at some point bending the pin that slides through both gates, this means that as mentioned prior the gate needs to be opened ajar to allow the tabs to rotate and allow the pin to be pulled out (to get lock back on open the gate inwards to permit lock attachment).
  • The lock also needs some attention as it has been dropped/damaged so to remove the lock ensure you are pulling the black plastic button to get the metal lock pin to pull out and push back in.