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Came across a film being crowd funded, I will let the creators explain the film below:



Kayaking for me is a dose of sanity. In a world ever more risk averse and bubblewrapped, kayaking (and the wilderness in general) are where I find an escape.  This is where I rely on my common sense, my ability to analyse risk and the skills of my fellow paddlers.

You don’t need to be an expert paddler to experience this, nor do you need any special talent. But like learning a musical instrument, kayaking rewards those who put in the effort.  I learned to kayak at 34. I will never win a competition, and there are rivers I will never have the ability to paddle.

But none of that matters.  I love it just the same.

Kayaking has taken me places no else can go. It gets under your skin in a way no other sport I know does.  It is an obsession.

So, when Glenn Murdoch (the exec producer) and I started talking about this project, we were not interested in an extreme sports film.  We wanted to make a film that was about the rest of us: oldsters, youngsters, weekend warriors, beginners, perpetual intermediates. We wanted to showcase the sport we love, the people we paddle with and the wild rivers that we call home.

We wanted to highlight the New Zealand wilderness, and especially its wild rivers. Mick Hopkinson, a veteran paddler and instructor, has called them “New Zealand’s cathedrals.”  They are majestic. They are unique. They are unspoiled. And they are fragile.

So please come along with us.  A four-minute trailer can show you some faces and some pretty footage, but it cannot give you context or depth, and it cannot give you a story.

Please help us tell a story about whitewater, about the New Zealand wilderness and about people: from ten-year-olds to the octogenarians who created the sport for us. I’ve called this film “An Ode to Whitewater” but really it is an ode to being active, to being engaged, to being in the outdoors in any way.

If this appeals to you, please consider contributing to the cause.  We have no intention of selling the film. We want to make it available for everyone to enjoy.”

<p><a href=”″>Rivering Trailer 1</a> from <a href=””>RIVERING</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


<p><a href=”″>Rivering Trailer 3</a> from <a href=””>RIVERING</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


So if you feel like helping an interesting film come to fruition, a film which make a change from adrenaline type films then you can donate at the website listed below:

Rivering Indiegogo website