Ironbridge Slalom July 12th/13th

On the weekend of July 12th and 13th the club will be running a division 2/3 slalom.

All help will be gratefully received, and for those who wish to paddle slalom remember its volunteers who keep the sport going and other clubs run the events you enter so its only good form to give something back and run an event for others to attend.

Its hard work but enjoyable and it would be nice to see some new faces.

There will be:

  • Site maintenance the week before (grass cutting)
  • Friday the course will be put up and the control tents erected
  • Saturday and sunday there will be judging/course maintenance/timing to be undertaken
  • Sunday afternoon there will be some tidying up to be done.

We would ask members to come and lend a hand and not just come down and paddle, the club was founded on slalom and the site was obtained as such. Even if you have no experience its all simple stuff.

See you there, its only one weekend a year!