Lea Valley 18-05-14

A group of paddlers went down on Sunday morning,  some to take their Legacy assessment. The assessments have now been split for the courses so both take an hour with Legacy required to progress onto the Olympic course.

All the paddlers passed having displayed their swimming/rolling prowess on the lake and then onto the Legacy course for some moving water.

Frank and Mark then booked onto the Olympic assessment for the afternoon which they passed also.

I think for those who had not paddled an artificial river the eddies and focussed power of the water provided some new experiences, both courses offer some pushy water. Those lessons of power into the current lest you be turned on eddy line came into use.

Well done to all those who travelled down and I think a good time was had by all.

Will put up pics as I receive them over the next few days, so email any pics to the club email and will select some to put on blog.

Paddlers: Jack, Nigel, Phil, Ben, Paul, Frank and Mark.

Oh and before you ask Mark did not swim as in his words “No swimming strokes were undertaken therefore its not classed as a swim”

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