Boxing Day River Race

Twas a chilly day, it was minus something degrees centigrade.

Six souls entered the water and paddled down to the Ironbridge from Dale end park, alas the ice was too thick to pass and a hasty upstream retreat was made back to cars. In the the style of  Brian Hanrahan [22 March 1949 – 20 December 2010] all the canoeists and kayakers were counted out and then counted back in again.

River Severn at Ironbridge Shropshire

To the Black Swan it was for chip sandwiches!

See you back at the pool in January [the second weekend i think]

3 thoughts on “Boxing Day River Race

  1. I am SOOOOOO glad I didn’t go. The sledging in the park was enough fun for me at -11 degrees!! Were they intrepid or just stupid?????

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